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We’re on the News!


We were featured on the local news for LGBTQIA+ Pride month!

I kinda wish I said different things but I still think I did really well considering. Plus CBS8 did really good by us. Thanks CBS8! Especially Mario Escovado. Aly and Cheryl at SBDC too. I had the big sick at the time this was recorded. I’m proud that I pulled it together to do the interview. The night before I practiced a script, none of that is in the short clip but the whole process took all of me still. I tapped up exactly where the furniture, laptop, myself had to be placed for the shoot. After, I knew I over did it.


What I really love about penguins is that they’re unique. They’ve been around for around 60 million years and are designed like no other birds. They are an anomaly that doesn’t make sense yet they’ve been around thriving for a very long time. They’re easy to connect to in an emotional way because we can relate to them.

What I love is that they also mentioned the Birch Aquarium Little Blue Penguins too!

I love a lot about penguins, sure what I mentioned in the clip is true but especially fit LGBTQIA+ month I wish I pointed out that penguins definitely are the queer birds that keep things simple without much fluff. They definitely may be odd but they got all the right stuff.

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Penguin Rescue NZ Live Webcam!

Really loving the Yellow Eyed Penguin (Hoiho) live broadcasts that Penguin Rescue has been putting up on their YouTube.


Check out the great help they are to one of the most unique and endangered birds in the world.

But they also harbor and help work rehab for more than just the Yellow Eyed Penguin. They are even caring for a Erect Crested Chick as their parent had malaria. Can you believe that? I didn’t know penguins could get malaria, did you? Lately Penguin Rescue NZ has been posting about returning 1st year Hoiho’s! These Hoiho’s were just chicks last year and they’re coming back to molt! Such great news!


Thanks for the updates, videos, and tireless work you do #penguinrescue.

Here’s their latest Live Stream on YouTube…. 12 hours and still going!