Tours and Expeditions


In alignment with Surrounded By Penguins mission of getting more people to appreciate wildlife and the natural environment, we decided to pursue offering tours and expeditions. Until we are licensed we cannot not offering tours and expeditions. But we can offer the following information.

Based in San Diego, California, Surrounded By Penguins home is located in the penguin mecha of North America. Not only does San Diego house Emperor Penguins, the only place in all of North America where you can see an Emperor Penguin, by the way… We also have Gentoos, Chinstrap, Adelie, Macaroni, Magallenic, African, Little Blues, and Humbolt Penguins. This makes San Diego home to more species of penguins than anywhere else in North America. You can see them all here in SD, the finest city in America, and all within about a 30 minute drive of each other! Some of these species are kept behind closed doors, but we are working on getting exclusive access to these special birbs.

San Diego County is also known for being one of the “birdiest” counties in America with over 515 species observed within the county. See this article for more information.


Although we cannot offer official tours and expeditions, we are able to assist with planning and possibly accompanying you in your explorations of San Diego. Donations of appreciation always accepted.

Coming soon!