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Penguin Crafts for the Holidays or Anytime

Meet Bumble! Can you believe we made this cutie? You can too! Instructions below.

I made a new penguin friend! Can you guess who?…. Well I suppose thre least picture gives it away. Meet Bumble!
We literally made Bumble! The pompom balls and everything came in a kit but I think you can make a Bumble of your own with a visit to the craft store!
Items I suggest to make a Bumble.

-1 pompom color white (or the color if your choosing) , slightly bigger than a goofball
-1 pompom white (or the color if your choosing), smaller than the 1st pompom
-1 pompom black (or the color if your choosing) same size as the smaller pompom
-Hot glue gun and glue
– 1 black felt sheet for flippers
-2 googly eyes
– optional Key chain attachment
– optional other decorations like, orange felt for feet, clothing etc.

If you want to make it look like Bumble:
Cut smaller white and black pompoms in a shape to make the top and bottom portion of the penguin head half. I suggest cutting the black slightly pointed and white with a pointed hole for the front of the penguin face. Alternatively you can leave the head one color.
Glue the two halves as appropriate to make the head.
Cut out in the felt sheet a beak, flippers (in a tear drop or long oval), and feet if you wish.
Carefully glue together the large and small pompom, and all the felt as appropriate. Don’t forget the giggly eyes too!
Once all glued, glue the key chain attachment where you find suitable. I took a pin, bent it to firm a U, placed the keychain end into the U shaped pin. Then placed the pin ends into Bubbles head. Then glued extra over three pin and first chain on Bubbles head for extra security.
And there you have it! A Bumble of your own!
Wow. I’ve been really into B names lately. I almost gave the Pengie Hat a B name but I think we’re gonna call it Pikalo or Pikalolo. Not sure why. Lol.
Anyways, I wish I could give you a link to the exact kit, but I haven’t found one. I got the kit years ago and don’t think it’s produced anymore. However, a search for “penguin key chain crafts” rendered awesome projects!