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Magellanic Penguins with Curator Justin

This live video is pinned to our Instagram for now, but I wanted to put it in here too as it was a rare experience at Sea World San Diego. We also haven’t figured out a way to put it on our YouTube. Hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.

This was Bluie’s first time to Sea World and although they came from an Aquarium, Sea World was different. These were different penguins from the little blues Bluie was used to seeing too. Justin rarely gets to spend time with the penguins as a Curator. It’s awesome that despite that he was open to answering questions. We rarely can think of any when someone is actually around to answer questions. I sometimes think of questions when an expert isn’t around, but not often. Just like Bluie, we’re usually just star struck when we see penguins. But don’t worry, a few people asked many questions. Hopefully some of your questions about Magellanic Penguins are answer in this video. Feel free to ask here too!

Friday July 29, 2022 @ SeaWorld San Diego. Magellanic Penguins with Curator Justin.


Penguin Crafts for the Holidays or Anytime

Meet Bumble! Can you believe we made this cutie? You can too! Instructions below.

I made a new penguin friend! Can you guess who?…. Well I suppose thre least picture gives it away. Meet Bumble!
We literally made Bumble! The pompom balls and everything came in a kit but I think you can make a Bumble of your own with a visit to the craft store!
Items I suggest to make a Bumble.

-1 pompom color white (or the color if your choosing) , slightly bigger than a goofball
-1 pompom white (or the color if your choosing), smaller than the 1st pompom
-1 pompom black (or the color if your choosing) same size as the smaller pompom
-Hot glue gun and glue
– 1 black felt sheet for flippers
-2 googly eyes
– optional Key chain attachment
– optional other decorations like, orange felt for feet, clothing etc.

If you want to make it look like Bumble:
Cut smaller white and black pompoms in a shape to make the top and bottom portion of the penguin head half. I suggest cutting the black slightly pointed and white with a pointed hole for the front of the penguin face. Alternatively you can leave the head one color.
Glue the two halves as appropriate to make the head.
Cut out in the felt sheet a beak, flippers (in a tear drop or long oval), and feet if you wish.
Carefully glue together the large and small pompom, and all the felt as appropriate. Don’t forget the giggly eyes too!
Once all glued, glue the key chain attachment where you find suitable. I took a pin, bent it to firm a U, placed the keychain end into the U shaped pin. Then placed the pin ends into Bubbles head. Then glued extra over three pin and first chain on Bubbles head for extra security.
And there you have it! A Bumble of your own!
Wow. I’ve been really into B names lately. I almost gave the Pengie Hat a B name but I think we’re gonna call it Pikalo or Pikalolo. Not sure why. Lol.
Anyways, I wish I could give you a link to the exact kit, but I haven’t found one. I got the kit years ago and don’t think it’s produced anymore. However, a search for “penguin key chain crafts” rendered awesome projects!

A Day in Perris… Meeting the Sand Penguin Family

Have you ever heard of sand penguins? Not African penguins or other penguin species that you can find waddling on beaches and other sandy areas, but actual magical sand penguins. These penguins are so rare that only a few picture of them have been seen on the internet. From the first time we found out about them, we became obsessed with a need to meet them.

Well we were in luck! Our recent visit to Perris Lake lead us to a wonderful beach spot where Sand Penguins magically appeared! Once we heard of the special appearance the race was on to meet them before they disappeared into their mysterious hidden nesting grounds in the sea.

No time to pack neatly! Come on everyone lets go! The trek was harder than we thought it would be… Having no time to figure out how to best roll the wagon, we dragged across the beach until we saw some Seagulls.
Excuse me, Seagulls. Can you tell us where we might find the sand penguins? Squawk! Set up here, yeah set up here, they’ll come to you! Squawk! Yeah! They will come to you.
Zippy: What do you think, Sippy? Should we set up here?
Sippy: I am not so sure, Zippy. There’s something about those Seagulls that I can’t quite put my beak on. But I suppose this is just as good as any other place here, so lets set up.
Once set up, everyone agreed that the location was beautiful. Beautiful but no sand penguins in sight.
*Just then… A flock of Seagulls came into view* Huh. What’s this? What are these Seagulls up to?
Whoa! What a flurry! I can barely tell what is going on!
As the Seagulls passed, only one remained… “Squawk! Hello there penguins and friends! March along there towards the water where all the other Seagulls fluttered. There among the sand and sea, you will find what you seek.” And so a small party of brave penguins set out to the shoreline. They said bye to Seagull as they made a u turn over the sand penguins and back towards the other seagulls. Bye Seagull!
With not more than a wiggle and a waddle. They saw that a few of the sand friends and small penguins were already at the shore line. Huh, how did that happen? And wait… Is that what we think it is?
It is! And a baby sand penguin at that! And look there are others! And the small penguins are even guarding.
Sippy: “Hello family! And hello new to us sand family!”
Look at all them!
With the magical sand penguins arriving and the visiting penguins making their way, the seagull took their leave. “Thank you, Seagull! I hope we see you again soon!” said the visiting penguins. “No problem. I am sure we will meet again. Take care!” the Seagull responded
Wow! It seems like we’re late to the party! We better hurry!
Mippy: Wait a minute, I forgot something!
What’d you forget, Mippy?
Mippy: “A kite! To fly so that we can signal thank you to all the other seagulls.”
Fantastic, Mippy! That’s a great idea!
Finally, we made it! Time to have the a sand party of royal proportions!
Some friends even came on a sand raft!
All the friends learned so much about each other. The sand penguins are royalty made of magic. They help to protect all beaches, even when they don’t form into penguins. They love when people play in the sand with them, but they don’t like when people liter on them because it’s dangerous and disrespectful.
The sun was starting to set. It was time to get going. Jack wanted to stay with the sand penguins. Not ready to leave the beach, Jack lagged behind.
Come on, Jack! They all encouraged Jack to come back.
Jack: But I don’t want to leave! What if we never see the sand penguin family again?

They all said their farewells and thank you’s until it was almost too dark to sea each other… Get it? Sea. Until next time sands penguins, until next time…. Oh! And seagulls too!