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Magellanic Penguins with Curator Justin

This live video is pinned to our Instagram for now, but I wanted to put it in here too as it was a rare experience at Sea World San Diego. We also haven’t figured out a way to put it on our YouTube. Hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.

This was Bluie’s first time to Sea World and although they came from an Aquarium, Sea World was different. These were different penguins from the little blues Bluie was used to seeing too. Justin rarely gets to spend time with the penguins as a Curator. It’s awesome that despite that he was open to answering questions. We rarely can think of any when someone is actually around to answer questions. I sometimes think of questions when an expert isn’t around, but not often. Just like Bluie, we’re usually just star struck when we see penguins. But don’t worry, a few people asked many questions. Hopefully some of your questions about Magellanic Penguins are answer in this video. Feel free to ask here too!

Friday July 29, 2022 @ SeaWorld San Diego. Magellanic Penguins with Curator Justin.


Litter loving penguins?…

We don’t think so…

We’ve been to Omaru and have seen these penguins in real life….

This is why Surrounded By Penguins does Trashy Tuesday Beach Clean Ups.

In case you didn’t know Surrounded By Penguins does a Trashy Tuesdays Beach Clean Up that’s open to the public every Tuesday starting at 7am.  We pick up litter on various beaches and put it in its place.  We call this event Surrounded By Penguins Trashy Tuesday Beach Clean Up.  Folx interested are invited to check our website calendar for where we’ll be next and join.  For those unable to join in person, we challenge people worldwide to pick up 2 pieces of litter every Tuesday wherever they are and dispose of the litter appropriately.  This we call the “2 for Trashy Tuesday Challenge”.  Its been proven that many doing a little has more of an impact than one person doing a lot so we encourage everyone to participate.
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Glow in the Park Penguins?…

Recently we traveled to the Palm Springs area in California on a mission to assist Executive Photographer (and Co Owner of Surrounded By Penguins), Scarlett, with her Birb Biologist job. I love when this opportunity comes up because I feel like I’m a helpful assistant to wildlife caring people. We also are directly helping with research as we are collecting generic samples of the birds we catch. A few choice penguins and I are always happy to tag along and help with these endeavors.

As usual, I tagged on other ventures for Surrounded By Penguins while up there. In the interest of wanting to provide excursions and tours to surrounding wildlife conservation areas to include zoo’s, aquariums, and the like we decided to include attending a special event at the Palm Desert Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden. We obtained 3 genetic samples of wild birds that have established territories at the zoo. It’s pretty amazing that this zoo provides sanctuary knowingly and passively to endangered wildlife. The habitat maintained at many zoo’s actually provide the surrounding wildlife with a sanctuary. You’ll see deer at the Safari Park in San Diego for example along with both local and migratory birds and other wildlife. What animals have you seen in zoo’s that cohabitate with the zoo animals?

The Executive Penguin literally surrounded by Penguin Ambassadors before going to the Glow in the Park event at the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert
Lit up kangaroo mice greet us at the parking lot gate.
This place has been in existence for 50 years and we just found out about it!?

Since we were collecting genetic samples we got to visit the Living Desert Zoo before opening. During the day we got to see these amazing lanterns already set up for the Glow in the Park event. We could only imagine what they looked like at night.

We wouldn’t get our chance to see the lanterns lit until the the events closing night. The unobstructed colorful views during the day became much more appreciated as we found ourselves shoulder to shoulder much of the time at night. But wow wow wow were the lanterns amazing. Day or night the creative detailed figures were impressive. We were blown away by the correctly coordinated colors, fabric designs, accurate proportions to scale, and many of the lantern animals moved! Not one person in the collective mob was unimpressed and many people were still interested in seeing the actual animals that were not lanterns too. To give respect to the animals, the lights were strategically placed and some areas were off limits.

Maybe some animals that are nocturnal were visible? These naked mole rats are blind so do they know when it’s day or night? Without the ability to see, how else can we gauge if it’s day time or night time?

I found it amazing that they had different ‘rooms’ for different age ranges, toilet use, etc. Even without the ability to see, the moles seems to instinctually know where they belong.

Although it was difficult, I took many many many pictures and will share some below.

Not a naked mole rat. What a trickster!

During the event, Afie, Syd and I decided that from now on only one of them would be on my shoulder while in public. Both of them at the same time proved to be way too much to worry about. The ippies (Mippy, Sippy and Zippy) are definitely the most readily and photogenic of the ambassadors. Syd and Afie seem to enjoy seeing the ongoings from our shoulders and agree to being in selfies occasionally. Most times they are like the family pictures with the one kid that looks hilariously awkward on purpose.

As usual, we all still had a great time. Enjoy!

Of course butterflies are pollinators too.
Birds that consume nectar are pollinators too! Some birds are seed disperses. Others take on other roles. What other animals help pollinate plants?
Many birds fulfill many roles that help us and our environment keep safe and healthy. What vital role do Condors fulfill?
Most people travel to this area for the rare opportunity to see Bighorn Sheep in the wild. Many participate in the annual count. If you see a rock move in the distance here, it might be a Bighorn!
Oooo pegasus drawn carriage? Why not?
Panda walk way! Let’s go!
Whoa…. This was a very large, impressive, elaborate structure. They had many you could walk through, but this dragon might had been the center piece.
The detail in the reptiles was incredible.
Alligator or crocodile? Can you tell the difference?

Happy World Penguin Day 2022!

We celebrated at the San Diego Zoo with the African Penguins last month on April 25th! What did you do to celebrate the penguins all around the world?

From left to right: TooToo, Executive Penguin, Afie, Zippy

Ahhhhhh TooToo looks like hys getting attacked by an octopus arm!

Afie with family
Anyone thirsty?
I was born here! Remember me?

We even went live on Facebook and Instagram! Find the videos on our Instagram! On Instagram Connorbalts4 and pico_space_adventures joined us! We all had a great visit! Thank you both for joining!

You go penguin chicks!

PBS Nature brings to light how smart are the cutie little baby pengies!

I take for granted everything that penguin chicks have contend with and how intelligent the have to be to live. Sure they are altricial birds. But maybe one of the most capable and smartest altricial birds of all the species.

So I say, you go penguin chicks!

After all they need to have the inherent brain skills to not only navigate but also to apply spacial awareness, voice recognition, vocal projection, and much much more. Not to mention the other physical skills they need to acquire just as quickly.

So I say, you go penguin chicks!

Altricial- source for definition below from Oxford languages






  1. (of a young bird or other animal) hatched or born in an undeveloped state and requiring care and feeding by the parents.
    • (of a particular species) having altricial young.

SeaWorld San Diego Emperor Penguin News featuring 2022 SeaWorld Pass Members Collector Cup Emperor Penguin Edition

I didn’t get to make it to the Emperor Rollercoaster grand opening last Saturday. Work needed us to help out a coworker and apparently we were the only ones that could cover the shift. Although it was really for a good reason, the grand opening to the Emperor Penguin ride looked so cool! Even the Mayor Todd Gloria was there! That was surprising to see!

Grand Opening

Sooo we haven’t ridden the ride yet. Buuuut we did score a Emperor Penguin collector cup last time we were at SeaWorld! So not only did we adopt a baby Emperor penguin, but also this cup!

Check it out. It looks pretty good with Sid and EP’s Surrounded By Penguins hat.

How do you think we should spell the Emperor Penguin Chicks name?… Sid or Syd?… Syd or Sid?

Music: Turn Up The Watts
Musician: Jason Shaw
URL: https://audionautix.com

Here’s the Point Of View video of the Emperor Penguin ride! Although none of our penguins are tall enough to ride it, aside from EP. We still can’t wait!

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Penguin Crafts for the Holidays or Anytime

Meet Bumble! Can you believe we made this cutie? You can too! Instructions below.

I made a new penguin friend! Can you guess who?…. Well I suppose thre least picture gives it away. Meet Bumble!
We literally made Bumble! The pompom balls and everything came in a kit but I think you can make a Bumble of your own with a visit to the craft store!
Items I suggest to make a Bumble.

-1 pompom color white (or the color if your choosing) , slightly bigger than a goofball
-1 pompom white (or the color if your choosing), smaller than the 1st pompom
-1 pompom black (or the color if your choosing) same size as the smaller pompom
-Hot glue gun and glue
– 1 black felt sheet for flippers
-2 googly eyes
– optional Key chain attachment
– optional other decorations like, orange felt for feet, clothing etc.

If you want to make it look like Bumble:
Cut smaller white and black pompoms in a shape to make the top and bottom portion of the penguin head half. I suggest cutting the black slightly pointed and white with a pointed hole for the front of the penguin face. Alternatively you can leave the head one color.
Glue the two halves as appropriate to make the head.
Cut out in the felt sheet a beak, flippers (in a tear drop or long oval), and feet if you wish.
Carefully glue together the large and small pompom, and all the felt as appropriate. Don’t forget the giggly eyes too!
Once all glued, glue the key chain attachment where you find suitable. I took a pin, bent it to firm a U, placed the keychain end into the U shaped pin. Then placed the pin ends into Bubbles head. Then glued extra over three pin and first chain on Bubbles head for extra security.
And there you have it! A Bumble of your own!
Wow. I’ve been really into B names lately. I almost gave the Pengie Hat a B name but I think we’re gonna call it Pikalo or Pikalolo. Not sure why. Lol.
Anyways, I wish I could give you a link to the exact kit, but I haven’t found one. I got the kit years ago and don’t think it’s produced anymore. However, a search for “penguin key chain crafts” rendered awesome projects!

They’re almost here!

On June 22nd, 2021, I placed my first sample order with CustomCat. I believe I designed and ordered 2 male sized shirts, 1 plus size feminine cut shirt, and 1 onesie. I was attempting to get a variety that would give me an idea of what type of printing I might like as well as show me how the graphics look on fabric. I am hoping no editing is required but seeing how I’ve never done this before, I figure that I might need to re-edit some designs. I am not sure if some of the small embellishments in my edits that I started to over think regarding the little blue penguin will show and need to be corrected. In my head, thinking of these things and remembering all the little details and learning lessons regarding editing photos, it might be easier to make the images more cartoonish. I see for most prints on shirts that is what is being done. A lot of picture manipulation to get the image to be more of just a umm, what do they call that? A graphic image vs the real life photo? It does seem that these days color graphics are more popular than actually photos, maybe?…. I plan on having a wide variety of styles to offer, with still using the photos we took. That part is so crucial for so many reasons (see the About page if you’re interested in knowing why).

I might receive my package as early as later today! I’m excited and nervous. Cost and time being a factor, I really do hope I can roll out the designs as is, but I don’t want to push out poor quality either.

I still need to do certain things revolving around taxes before I can even open up shop, mainly formally letting the county I live in know that they can now take their cut from my sales for taxes. I hope I’ve done the rest. *thinking* 🤔 Nooope… I still have to do a few additional things. I keep telling myself, “It’ll all get done, sooner or later. Take it easy and go at your own pace. This isn’t a race.” It’s not like I have to get to the breeding grounds pronto to find a mate. 😂 Talk about pressure. Suddenly I’m wondering if a penguin could beat the world record holder for the fastest eater of hotdogs in the same set time, of course in fish instead of hotdogs.

I also need to find some way to automatically donate a portion of the profits of the sales. I would like for a percentage of the sale to automatically go to an organization, but it seems that might be impossible right now without creating a campaign. So far it seems like the best method might be to keep track and donate a lump sum every month or so. I suppose that because I’m in the negative monetarily, it might be best to do the book keeping to know how much I could consider profit. That’s probably wise for not just the start of the business but maybe throughout the existence of it. But at the same time, automatically not seeing that money forces me to work with what I got. The attitude of, “I won’t miss it if I never had it.” I also want to make sure that some of each sale does make it to a more than worthy and needy organization.

If anyone knows of a way that can automatically make a percentage or dollar amount of a sale go to certain organizations, please share. If possible, I would also like an option that allows people to round up their total or donate extra to the cause at check out.

As of right now, Surrounded By Penguins is looking into joining the Dollar Donation Club. They are on an amazing quest to remove 1,000,000 pounds of ocean plastic! Specifically aiming to remove ghost nets by tagging them so that sailors and islanders can pick up the nets for proper disposal. These nets are extremely harmful to ocean life. I remember hearing specifically about the uncuttable blue ropes people kept finding on ocean wildlife. I thought about how impossible it would be for anything to free itself from that type of rope in any condition or environment. I don’t mean to be depressing but I feel that I need to do some good in the mist of all the harm I contribute to our world. Too often it may seem as if the little we can do makes no impact, but at the Dollar Donation Club reminds us, $1 can eliminate 30 credit cards worth of plastic removal from the oceans! That is about 150 grams (over 5 ounces) of plastic in weight and over a flat area that covers 5,457 millimeters (almost 215 inches)! That’s actually a lot if you think about it.

Check out the Dollar Donation Club at www.dollardonationclub.com

Thank you all! Please wish us luck!

In Gratitude and Squawk’s,

Executive Penguins

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