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International Women’s Day

I believe it’s purposefully hard to tell the gender of penguins. They’ve evolved so much that being able to distinguish between their sex is nearly impossible, even under careful observation. Penguins have been around much much longer than humans and seem to be all knowing so gender inequality isn’t a thing for them at all. But until we evolve to be as smart and all the things that penguins are, we acknowledge that within the human species many women are not treated equally. Today, I was motivated to make products in honor of Women’s Day and Surrounded By Penguins Anniversary. Although I, Executive Penguin, much like penguins, look more androgynous than a definite male or female, I know that not long ago I would not be allowed to have a business because my chromosomes and some of my body parts say I’m female. I’m not wanting to take advantage or make light of today being Women’s Day, but I do want to acknowledge the person in me that is an energetic woman that needed to make products and show ownership of a business, because we can… and sadly others cannot.

An essential scoop shirt with the danger style sign reminder that it’s okay to be a little blue. You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to.

Tank tops and a mouse pad with gamer stuff around it because our customer of the year @kattgoddes is an awesome gamer and inspiration. She’s an Engineer, bought an Alfa Romeo, and appreciated me bringing to light the word “folx” as a word to include all despite their pronouns or lack of pronoun identification.

Boxer briefs, because that’s what I’m comfortable wearing.

And a backpack because sometimes a purse, murse, side bag, clutch, butch bag, e.t.c. doesn’t have enough space to carry everything movers and shakers need to change the world.

The Penguin or the Egg?

Honestly, at times I just cry after attempting and failing to do the business online must do’s. The very things that every video seems to make look so easy, but for reasons unknown do not happen as easy for me. I feel like I’ve had to trouble shoot every single thing. At times I let the frustration get the best of me as I wonder, “What was I thinking? I’m not cut out for all this. I’m not equipped to handle all this….” etc. Worse thoughts, fears, and worries that don’t serve me beyond practicing how to console myself.

Like a penguin, at some point, often times faster than I think, I do get up, and I waddle on. I think about penguin parents and their feet not equipped to walk and hold an egg. I think about the pressure and anxiety over knowing that just a few seconds on the ice could mean death. How do they keep standing, balanced, and huddled while starving?

I know that sometimes it takes everything to make something beautiful, like a beautiful penguin chick…. Ohhh kay, so I’m being overly dramatic. This shop is not a living baby. But through it I hope I am making something beautiful. I hope to give, not just take from this world. So far it’s been frustrating, anxiety creating, and debt drowning, but it’s also not without some rewards.

I created a Surrounded By Penguins Instagram account when I decided to embark on this venture. I met some really awesome people, some I’ve chatted on Instagram. Some time ago, Diana, the creator of the Pico_Space_Adventures Instagram and I started messaging, shortly after we begun messaging she wrote that she would support my business once I got it all going. I actually didn’t think she meant by buying something from the website as soon as possible. But incredibly, that is what she did. So far her purchase has been my only sale. I am delayed with posting about it. Ecuador was approaching at the time and I had to pull product off the site due to a bank change that would happen while I was in the Galapagos. But believe me, I treasure that she bought this tank. Especially since she purchased it before the shop was on any social media, so it wasn’t just a simple click to the shop. She had to have a lot of intention and commitment to buy.

Because she did, we learned that emails were not being sent upon ordering. I hope that is all fixed now. Fingers crossed. It better be as now we are finally integrated with Facebook and Instagram! I think I finally managed to upload and connect products from this website to the SBP Instagram and Facebook. Well pending approval of the “It’s okay to be a Little Blue” collection.

Completing this task pushed my emotions, but we managed, thank goodness. Now, back to reviewing pictures and designing! Can you believe I need to work on Holiday designs already? Since it takes so long to get the products and it takes me a while to design products, I need to start right away. Wish me luck!