Back to School…?

Back to School…?

As everyone is approaching spring break, we are going back to school. Well sort of…

Since last year, we’ve been taking very informative and helpful online classes that the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers via zoom to all small business owners.


If you’re a business owner, you need to check them out! Especially if you’re in San Diego. They offer sooo much to business for free!


Recently I signed up for their Business Academy Dream program. This intense program is offered to San Diego and Imperial, California small businesses created after July of 2019 or are in the midst of being created. Entrepreneurs that apply need to be serious about their business or they’ll want to drop out. The program requires on going 1 on 1 mentorship, attending classes, group participation, etc. It’s a lot but not only can the Academy help you succeed but completing the requirements can lead to your small businesses being awarded up to 10k usd for brick and mortar businesses. It is a demanding involved program for serious beginner entrepreneurs, unlike the other non committal zoom classes they offer.

I’ve only been to 1 Academy class so far but I believe any business will obtain only positive results. The sleep we’ll be losing to attend and participate will be well worth it, I’m sure.

Most of the businesses in the small class I’m part of seem to be already successful and already all knowing. It is a bit intimidating. But I’m still glad that I’m in a small class even if everyone seems a little more advanced. There is a lot that we can’t share as part of the program and also because what we divulge about our business, hopes, dreams, and uhhhhh I don’t know moments, well it can be embarrassing.

For me, it has been difficult for me to explain what kind of business is Surrounded By Penguins. I’d dreaded the question “Oh, what kind of business do you own?”

I did not know how to say, in short, what is SBP. It’s not just a business that uses print on demand to make products that feature penguins on them. We do so much more.

It frustrates me to feel that I cannot convey what SBP means to me. It’s like knowing I need to go to Snow Hill to become a parent and create life, wanting to tell someone about the whole process but all I can do is squawk and they don’t speak penguin. I tripped on my own beak.

I know that SBP will be successful. I feel it in all my feathers. We will see at least all of the penguin species. I can see myself there, I’m just not sure how and the how is what I need to make happen. But I and the birds need people to see how similar they are to us humans. I feel a sense of urgency. We all need to reconnect so I need people to see what my wife and I see so they can connect to them the way we do. My wife and I really have a knack to see so much that so few, if any get to see. I always thought it a shame that I could not share with others what I saw. I wasn’t always into birds, it was my wife that really opened my eyes and ears to these magnificent creatures that flew about me my whole life. It was through my wife and the birds that I saw what I’ve seen all my life in a more meaningful way. A whole different world within my world was right there and I never saw or heard it. After I did hear and see, everything about how I saw my world changed. My wife and I need to see and photograph all the birds we can to share what we see with everyone that will look. Just think about how you feel when you see pictures of wildlife. When you are engaged in a wildlife documentary. Everything seems… In elementary terms, amazing and awesome!

I need to find people and resources that will help us get to the birds and help us create the feeling I get when I connect to the birds. I’m digressing here but I realized that I need help. I need people to help me go through the raw images, edit photos and create designs. We need people that can help us do the stuff we haven’t learned how to fo yet or do too slowly by ourselves. Are there people out there that would want to help us but also gain in their own personal lives by helping us? I should ask who not if…. Who would benefit from helping us in such an intimate way?

I was happy to hear that many of the businesses in the Business Academy were created with the environment in mind. It may be awkward but I do feel that I am in my element amongst my peers. Even if it’s still a little awkward for me. In a few hours, it’ll be time for the second class… What will I have to divulge and learn today?

Every class I’ve taken has been free! This Academy is free too! Check them out!

The doors to new opportunities are unlocked… All you gotta do is go through them.

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