Sippy’s on YouTube!

Sippy’s on YouTube!

https:// youtube.com/shorts/F40yxvoikgM?feature=share

Some special African Penguins at the San Diego Zoo get a special visit in celebration of Penguins Awareness Day 2022! Socially distanced or not, seeing penguins is a good thing! Don’t you think? Quick video of Sippy waddling as fast as they could to visit with family. Even at a distance, seeing you is the good part… See what else we’re up to at SurroundedByPenguins.com and www.instagram/surroundedbypenguins.com Donate to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance https://sandiegozoowildlifealliance.o… #surroundedbypenguins #penguins #penguin #sandiegozoo #penguinawarenessday #africanpenguins

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