Little Blue Penguin Reminder Zip Hoodie

Little Blue Penguin Reminder Zip Hoodie



It’s okay to be a little blue… Even if you’re not a little blue penguin.

This product is offered exclusively on Spring.  Clicking on “Order on SPRING!” will open a separate tab for you to order on Spring.

Do you know someone that needs to be reminded that it’s okay to be a little blue? Do you need a reminder? Why not let a cute Little Penguin be the reminder? Who better to prove that it is okay to be a little blue? Well aside from you and your little blue hoodie.

(Surrounded By Penguins wants to additionally note that everyone needs reminders that it’s okay to feel however we feel. We are not alone. We are all part of a colony and the colony is here to remind you that however you feel is okay. Stop, slow down, connect, get comfy, and just breath.)



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